The Best Commercial Coffee Maker at Sam's Club

Find the best price, the difference between the models, & more!

Sam’s Club has an overwhelming amount of choices for coffee makers. Which may make it difficult for some to understand the differences. In this article we investigated the best commercial coffee maker Sam’s club has to offer.

The beautiful part, besides being cheaper than almost everywhere, is that you can order the commercial coffee maker online. If something is wrong for whatever reason you can return it to your local Sam’s Club.

So if you’re in the market for a commercial coffee maker consider signing up for Sam’s Club membership. Some of BUNN commercial coffee makers were over $100 more expensive on competitors websites. Also, no one wants to try & ship a coffee maker back. Let alone a large commercial one.

First thing you’ll notice at Sams’s Club is that they carry a wide variety of BUNN coffee makers. Both for commercial & home use. Since 1957, the American corportation BUNN-O-Matic has been making great coffee machines.

Chances are you’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee with a BUNN product. They’re used in churches, diners, restaurants, & airports. The commercial grade models keep water heated in a stainless steel reservoir. This allows them to make a pot super fast.

Sam’s Club had over 10 different BUNN commercial coffee makers. To simply, we grouped them up to explain the features as well as the pros & cons.

Although we recommend a machine, it may not be the right model for various reasons. Such as the amount of warmers or how much it produces per hour. There are other series models that may suit your needs better.

Things to Keep in Mind

Sam’s Club only offers 2 commercial coffee maker brands. They are BUNN & Curtis. They have urns available too. In this article we’re discussing BUNN commercial coffee makers.

The machines listed here make coffee fast. Some people have complained that models make a weak batch. To combat this jump to this section to read what to do to get the best batch for you.

Using Sam’s Club’s ratings, cross referencing them with our other sources, along with trying them out when possible, was all accomplished to make sure this information is accurate.

Java Groove's Choice

The Best Commercial Coffee Maker at Sam's Club

The BUNN VPR Low Profile model #13300.0001, is our choice for best commercial coffee maker at Sam’s Club. This is due to the stainless-steel reservoir, speed of making coffee, taste, and price compared to other commercial models.

This coffee maker is model number VP17-1 Stainless on BUNN’s official website.

Read the full review below to find out if it’s suitable for you.


Bunn VPR-33200.0001 2 warmers + 2 decantersThere are 3 coffee makers in the VPR series that are available at Sam’s Club. The main difference between the 3 essentially come down to how many carafes come with the machine and how many warmers. 2 of the models (#SET00.0361  & #13300.0001) are not available on BUNN’s website.

See below for an explanation for the difference between the VPR Low-Profile and VP17-1 at Sam’s Club.

One of the design features is it clears much-needed counter space by stacking the carafes. There is no plumbing or electrical work is needed to install these models. You manually add water. There is a process to first turn it on & start it up or you’ll risk damaging the machine or simply get bad tasting coffee.

BUNN VPR #SET00.0361 2 warmers + 3 decantersVPR Commercial Pour-Over model #33200.001 has 2 warmers & comes with 2 decanters.

One of the drawbacks is the noise, but these are commercial grade so it’s what you’d expect. Additionally, it doesn’t have an auto shutoff.

There isn’t a water level indicator either. Some users have complained about overflowing & leaking around the top seals. I’ve had this experience on other BUNN models, but it was due to over filling the water tank.

If you need to buy more decanters then please read more at the bottom of this article.

best commercial coffee maker at sam's clubIn the 1st comparison table you can see the VPR Low-Profile model #13300.0001, which is actually the VP17-1 Stainless, doesn’t come with any decanters. However, all the ad images (such as the one shown) have many consumers thinking it comes with an Easy Pour® decanter.

The Small Office Package, model #SET00.0361, comes with 3 decanters. 2 black & 1 orange handle.

It also should be noted that Model #33200.0001 comes with 2 black handle carafes.

VPR Models available at Sam's Club

For best results, view table in landscape. Click the model # number to see data.

  • #33200 .0001
  • #SET00 .0361
  • #13300 .0001
#33200 .0001#SET00 .0361#13300 .0001
Special Electrical or Plumbing Needed?
Decanters Included 23
Dimensions 15.9" L x 8.7" W x 20.2" H27.5” L X 12” W X 22.3” H17.7" L x 8.5" x 17.8"
Visit Sam's ClubVisit Sam's ClubVisit Sam's Club


  • No plumbing or electrical wire work necessary
  • Brews a pot fast
  • Stainless steel heating elements


  • May be noisy for home
  • Must follow specific instructions to make coffee
  • No on/off switch or auto-shutoff
  • Continuously heats water

BUNN VP Series

BUNN VP17-1 Model #13300.0011There are 8 models available by the manufacturer in the VP series. Sam’s Club offers 2 models. The BUNN VR series has a cord attached & does not need plumbing. You have to add water yourself. BUNN claims that the VP series is best for serving up to 15 lbs of coffee a week.

The BUNN VP17-1 at Sam’s Club isn’t completely stainless steel on the outside. The VPR model is actually the VP17-1 Stainless Steel model. Sam’s Club seems to come up with their own naming scheme. More accurate description of the stainless steel model is on Amazon. Jump to this section if you want to read about more differences between the 2 models below.

You’ll never have a plasticky taste in your coffee with either model. 

bun stainless steel funnel

The only thing plastic is the SplashGard Funnel. You can find a stainless steelfunnel on Amazon here.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about coffee touching the plastic coffee funnel, it’s only for a short amount of time. The reservoir tank in a coffee maker is what you should be concerned about. Many cheap coffee makers make reservoirs out of plastic & cover the outside in stainless steel. This is why you get a plasticky taste due to the water being heated in plastic.

BUNN VP17-3 13300.0003The VP17 models available have a simple on/off switch for the warmer. There isn’t a power switch for the coffee machine itself. It must be unplugged to turn off.

Pro tip: Don’t unplug while it’s heating water or sparks will fly. Consider getting a power strip with a power switch on it.

It’s possible to make a few cups at a time. It completely empties the water in the tank to make a pot of coffee. As soon as you add water to the machine it starts. Make sure you have the carafe already in place & coffee grinds in the funnel.

The VPS model #04275.0031 is more of a side-by-side setup. Which may free up some valuable counter space. The VPS doesn’t require special plumbing. 

The cons of the VP series seems to be the same as the VPR. It may be too loud for some while heating up the water. It doesn’t have any auto-shutoff or power switch. It takes around 10 – 15 minutes to heat up the water in the reservoir but only 3 minutes to brew a pot of coffee.

BUNN VPS Model #04275.0031 - 3 WarmersThere were a couple of reviews written that the water isn’t hot enough. Others claim the water is hot enough. BUNN says that brew temperate is 185, which is at the low end of the spectrum according to the National Coffee Association. There are several DYI methods to fix this, which require a separate thermostat and some electrical wiring knowhow. For commercial use it’s not necessary.

VP Models available at Sam's Club

For best results, view table in landscape. Click the model # number to see data.

  • VP17-1 #13300.001
  • VP17-3 #13300 .0003
  • VPS #04275 .0031
VP17-1 #13300.001 VP17-3 #13300 .0003VPS #04275 .0031
Special Electrical or Plumbing Needed?
Decanters Included
Dimensions 15.9" L x 8.7" W x 20.2" H17.7" L x 16" W x 17.8" H8" L x 23" W x 19.8" H
Visit Sam's ClubVisit Sam's ClubVisit Sam's Club


  • No plumbing or electrical wire work necessary
  • Brews a pot fast
  • Stainless steel reservoir


  • Large
  • Loud when heating water
  • Must follow specific instructions when brewing
  • No on/off switch
  • No auto shutoff

What's the difference between the VP-17 & VPS Low Profile?

The VPR Low-Profile is the stainless steel version of the VP17-1. The stainless steel version is the outside casing. All models have a stainless steel reservoir. It is also $0.86 cheaper than the VP17-1 that has the hard black plastic center case.

The VP17-1 Stainless is on BUNN’s website here and on Amazon here.

Heavy Duty BUNN Commercial Coffee Makers

The last 3 BUNN commercial coffee makers available at Sam’s club are heavy hitters.

Sams Club BUNN cwtf15-3The first one of the 3 is the BUNN CWTF15-3, which is like a more powerful & version of the VP17-1. At 8.3” wide, it may save you some much needed counter space, while still offering 3 warmers.

It hooks up to a water line, but it also fills up manually via the pour-over slot. You’ll notice there is a hot water faucet in the front that is convenient for making hot food & beverages.

The last 2 models are use an airpot. An airpot is it’s a portable coffee maker made of stainless steel on the outside and glass liner on the inside. It keeps your coffee at a consistent temperature without burning it. The airpot is sold separately.

If you’re making anywhere up to 50 lbs of coffee a week then BUNN recommends an airpot.

The biggest drawback was the price of each one. Starting at $547, without the airpot, it’s not cheap.

The airpots don’t make a 3 liter batch right out of the box. To get a larger amount you’ll need a deeper funnel, which is here. The gourmet filters can is here.

bunn axiom dv aps airport

Commercial products are not as simple to use as the domestic models & this one is no exception. The instructions have a few steps to start, which may be confusing. There are a couple videos on YouTube that show how to run the machine properly.

This is especially true for the BUNN Axiom DV-APS. There is a front LCD display that allows you to monitor temperature settings and batch information. This is all part of the Digital Brewer ControlTM  a diagnostics tool that has a  built-in tank drain.

  • CWTF-15 #12950.0213
  • CWTF15-APS Airpot Model # 23001- 0006
  • AXIOM DV-APS #38700 .0010
CWTF-15 #12950.0213CWTF15-APS Airpot Model # 23001- 0006AXIOM DV-APS #38700 .0010
Special Electrical or Plumbing Needed?
Decanters / Airpot Included
Dimensions 17.72"L x 8.50"W x 16.77"H 18.5”L x 9”W x 23.6”H21.8"L x 9"W x 23.6"H
Visit Sam's ClubVisit Sam's ClubVisit Sam's Club


  • Airpot models brew 3.9 & 7 gallons per hour, respectivly
  • Choose between using pour over or direct plumbing line
  • Stainless steel
  • Brews directly into airpot
  • Digital control on CWTF15-APS model


  • Learning curve to use
  • Airpot & decanters sold seperatly
  • Pricey
  • Needs extra piece to brew maximum advertised amount

BUNN Airpots

There are 4 main airpots sold by BUNN. The main difference is the capacity. Keep in mind that a liter is about 4 cups (US).

BUNN machines brew coffee straight into the airpot. Close the lid and take it anywhere. With the lid on, simply push down the top lever to pump out coffee. People love the convenience of traveling with the airpot & it staying warm all day. The lid comes off for easy cleaning.

For best results, view table in landscape. Click the model # number to see data.

Extra BUNN Decanters

There are 2 different styles of BUNN decanters available at Sam’s Club. One is the Easy Pour® and the other is not. The big difference between them is the Easy Pour® has a stainless steel bottom.

The other difference between the decanters is the color of the handle. Sam’s Club does not offer single decanters in black.

For best results, view table in landscape. Click the model # number to see data.

You can find the assorted 3-pack of color decanters on Amazon here.

Looking for something stronger? Perhaps your coffee burns because it sits on the warmer too long. This thermal decanter stays warm for hours and is tough as steel. Check it out on Amazon.

Why does BUNN commercial coffee machines make weak coffee?

I discovered forums that discussed how to make a better cup of coffee with BUNN products. Some factors may be preventing you from getting your perfect cup of coffee such as soft water, decaf coffee, or coarse coffee grinds. If this is the case then there are a couple of things that you can do.

The first method was to get a flow restrictor. BUNN unofficially offers this part for free. You can contact BUNN customer service at 1-800-286-6070 or visit their website. If you would like to buy one at Amazon you can find the flow restrictor here for the CTFW.

The next suggestion is the toothpick method. If you’re selling coffee then I don’t advise you go this route. You clog the flow of the spray nozzles by sticking toothpicks in the holes.

The spray head has 5 spray holes. This allows a lot of water to pass through the coffee grids in 3 minutes. If you restrict 2 of the spray nozzles then it will take 4:30 minutes to get a batch. The idea is to restrict the amount of water. This forces the water to be in contact with the coffee grounds for a longer period of time.

Problem is if the water is restricted too much then the coffee either becomes too bitter or it overflows. Many people have tested out various methods to dial in the best results.

Lastly, consider the coarseness of the coffee. If you like strong coffee then opt for finer ground coffee.


Depending on what your commercial needs are –  BUNN coffee makers are an excellent choice. Sam’s Club offers a good choice of commercial coffee makers and some of the best prices compared to other coffee & restaurant dealers.

Stop worrying about running out of coffee.

Get coffee in bulk delivered

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