French Press Coffee

My last coffee maker was a decent DeLonghi. I had to temporarily move for work. I didn’t want to splurge on a coffee set yet. After some research, I decided to get a French press.

Coffee flavors really stand out with a French press. Meaning the flavors really pop and it will be smoother than your typical drip coffee maker. Therefore, you should really spend a moment to figure out which type of coffee is best for you.

Benefits of a French Press Coffee Maker


Bodum French Press

There are tons of French presses out there. We narrowed down the choice to just a few, 2 of which are from Bodum, a leader in all things coffee, all of them are less than $30.

Bodum Chambord French Press Bodum Chambord

Our favorite french press coffee maker is Bodum Chambord French Press because of the design & ease of use.

This stainless steel Bodum coffee maker looks pretty good on the kitchen counter.

Bodum Travel French Press 

travel french press

Another one that may suit many people’s needs if you’re on the go.

Brew the coffee and take the whole thing with you. This one claims to keep it warm for hours thanks the double wall insulation.

Less dishes since you drink right out of the carafe.

Click here if you’re looking for the best portable coffee maker.

Best French Press on Amazon

The current best seller on Amazon is the Kona French Press and has 11k+ of mostly positive reviews. One review said it looked the same as when it was first bought after a few months. People swear by this French press.

Best French Press at Walmart

Wallmart has a selection of French Press Coffee makers. They have the BODUM French press online, but I have never seen it in the store. There was a stainless steel French press in store from MIRA.

To summarize, it depends on the store. But the BODUM French Press is the best French press at Walmart. If you’re not sure, best to shop online. It will arrive in 2 days.

How to Make French Press Coffee

french press instructions

Making coffee with a Bodrum French press is the same as any other. You don’t need special instructions for a Bodrum French Press.

French Press Grind Size

French press grind size should be the size of sea salt. Keep in mind that the coffee is immersed in the water. Which different than a drip coffee maker where it filters through. That’s why courser coffee is best for french press.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure about the coarseness of the coffee grind you can get an idea while you’re pushing the plunger.

When you press down on the plunger and it’s very easy, meaning there isn’t much resistant, that’s a sign that the grinds are too coarse.

On the flip side, if you press the plunger down and it’s a bit difficult then your grounds are too coarse.

french press grind chart

French Press Instructions

  • Add in 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, per cup of water. (2 tablespoons to start, you may prefer more or less.)
  • Add hot water ideally between 195-215f. If you don’t have a thermometer, boil water and wait 20 seconds before pouring
  • Replace the French Press lid, but do not push the plunger.
  • Let it percolate for at least 3-4 minutes.
  • Push plunger and pour

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