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CBC-6800PC Replacement Parts Listed

cruisinart brew central e1575893066758Cuisinart is known to make quality products and this coffee maker is no exception. The Cuisinart PerfectTemp coffee maker has a lot of useful features while looking good on the counter top. Using real stainless steel, the Cuisinart CBC-6800PC looks good.

Costco has phased out this model and brought in the CBC-7400PC. The only difference is the way the buttons are laid out in the front and as of this writing $59.

The replacement parts fit all the models listed in this article.

There are other colors available, see below for other options available.

You’ll also notice a “bold” button on the machine. This allows you to control whether you would like a strong or regular batch of coffee. The other useful feature is the temperature control feature on the warmer. The easy to access reservoir is great too. The easy to use self-clean feature stood out on this Cuisinart model.

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The biggest issue with this coffee maker was if the basket was not firmly in place or the carafe lid was not on correctly. If either of these happen the coffee grounds go up in the top water dispenser and clog it. It can be fixed, if you’re handy.

Cuisinart accepts it back within the warranty period, but the buyer pays shipping and processing fees.

The ink rubbing off was another issue. Not great for an office or if you’re careless when in a hurry.

The easy to use self-clean feature, brew strength control and carafe temperature features stood out on the Cuisinart CBC-6800 model.

CBC-6800PC Manual

Download or read the CBC-6800PC manual here.

Costco Cuisinart CBC-6800PC Replacement Parts

Trying to find a replacement parts for the CBC-6800PC can prove to be difficult. Especially since the model number is hard to find anywhere. You’ve probably even tried to use Amazon’s “Make sure it fits” tool at the top of the carafe page, you were disappointed to find out that even Amazon is, “We’re not sure this item fits your:”

Replacement parts are linked below to Amazon. Everything listed below are original Cuisinart parts at the lowest prices we could find.

CBC-6400 Replacement Coffee Pot

2 Replacement Gold Tone Coffee Filter Baskets

12-pack of Replacement Charcoal Water Filters

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If you’re interested in a thermal carafe I’m afraid you’re out of luck. I called Cuisinart and asked which thermal coffee pot would fit this model.

The representative kindly explained that they do not recommend using a thermal carafe. She added that the heating plate in these models would damage the thermal carafe.

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What's the Difference Between the Cuisinart CBC-6400PC, DCC-3200, DCC-2800 & CBC-7000?

You may have noticed 4 or more very similar looking Cuisinart coffee makers. If so then you’re probably asking, “What’s the difference?”

They all have the same size charcoal water filter, reusable gold-tone filter, reservoir indicator, coffee pot dimensions, and more similarities.

To get official clarification we decided to give Cuisinart a call to find out. The representative explained some have extra “bonuses”, but are essentially the same. Different retail stores get different models that are exclusive to the specific store. The most popular being the DCC-3200, which is available at Walmart & Target.

In short, the difference between them is the control panel on the front. Neither of them are superior to the other. Select the one with the best deal and you’re good to go.

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Various Cuisinart Coffee Maker Color

Technically these aren’t the same model, but as mentioned above, we spoke with a Cuisinart rep and they confirmed they are essentially the same.

This is one of the few coffee makers that come in various colors.

They are not available at Costco, but you can find them on Amazon.


The Cuisinart PerfecTemp CPC-6800 is a well rounded, easy-to-use coffee maker. This model has many options for brew strength, coffee temperature, a self-cleaning feature, and it’s easy of use. This coffee maker makes a great gift for coffee lovers too.

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Pair it with Costco’s flexible return policy it’s a great buy and the best bang for your buck among the other coffee makers sold there.

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