Cameron's Specialty Coffee Organic Velvet Moon Review

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Cameron's Specialty Coffee

First Impressions

Cameron’s Specialty Coffee’s Organic Velvet Moon steps up with a promise of medium-dark richness. On first glance, the depth of its flavor profile is evident. While it might not have the velvety touch you’d expect for an espresso or an americano, it confidently showcases its richness without a hint of bitterness.
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Key Takeaways

Where the Velvet Moon truly shines is in its adaptability. It doesn’t just settle well in a drip brewer or French press; it practically sings.

Plus, if you’ve ever ventured into the refreshing world of cold brews, this one’s a clear winner.

Who Is Cameron's Specialty Coffee Organic Velvet Moon For?

For those who appreciate a coffee that’s rich yet devoid of any bitter undernotes, Velvet Moon is a delightful choice. If you’re someone who swears by their drip brewer, French press, or loves a good cold brew on a warm day, then this blend will likely be a cherished addition to your coffee repertoire.


– Caffeinated
– Kosher Parve
– USDA Organic
Item Number:  943525

This coffee is available at Costco. Want to know what the best coffee at Costco is? Check out our review. We update it from time to time based on seasons and what they have in stock.

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