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Jose's Gourmet Coffee

First Impressions

When first encountering Jose’s Vanilla Nut, there’s a distinct vanilla aroma that might remind some of an artificial scent. The world of coffee beans can be intriguing; beans can sometimes be infused with artificial flavors to enhance or introduce certain tastes.

This might feel a bit unnatural to some, especially if they’re used to pure, unflavored beans. Despite its strong vanilla scent, Jose’s Vanilla Nut has a commendable medium roast profile, which showcases a rich aroma and flavor.

This makes it particularly well-suited for methods like cold brew.
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Key Takeaways

Jose’s Vanilla Nut is certainly not your everyday coffee. If you’ve ventured into adding vanilla syrup to your coffee before, this flavor might come across as more muted. But for those who haven’t dabbled in flavored coffees, it can be a pleasant, albeit surprising, change of pace.

Think of it as a leisurely weekend coffee, offering a unique twist to your regular brew.

You could mix it with other coffee to give you a daily driver.

Who Is Jose’s Vanilla Nut Coffee For?

Jose’s Vanilla Nut coffee brings with it a distinct personality, tailored for those who love an aromatic twist to their morning brew.

If you’re someone who frequently experiments with flavored syrups in your coffee shops visits, this blend provides a more subtle touch, allowing you to enjoy a hint of vanilla without overpowering the core essence of the coffee.

It’s the kind of coffee that suits those looking to shake things up a bit in their coffee routine without completely abandoning traditional tastes.

Additionally, given its medium roast profile and standout aroma, this blend proves excellent for cold brew enthusiasts. The cooling process will likely enhance the vanilla notes, making your cold drink refreshing and flavorful.

Those seeking a weekend treat or a fun variation from their regular brew will find Jose’s Vanilla Nut to be a delightful change of pace.


– Caffeinated
– Kosher
– Gluten Free
Item Number:  906742

This coffee is available at Costco. Want to know what the best coffee at Costco is? Check out our review. We update it from time to time based on seasons and what they have in stock.

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