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Kirkland Signature

First Impressions

Imagine a coffee that’s crisp, full of chocolatey goodness, and beautifully framed by its roast. As soon as you take a whiff of Kirkland Signature Rwandan, you get a mix of baker’s chocolate, scorched oak, gardenia, and hazelnut.

When you take a sip, you’ll find the same flavors in your cup. It’s got a sweet-savory balance, just a hint of acidity, and a crisp, velvety texture. And when you swallow, you’re left with a smoky-sweet aftertaste that’s heavy on the chocolate and has a lovely floral hint.
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Key Takeaways

You’re getting an incredibly aromatic cup of coffee with a roasty, woodsy frame and a deep dive into chocolate and floral flavors. The earthy and nutty notes really stand out in this dark roast.
And here’s the cherry on top: it’s one of the best dark roast Rwandan coffees you can get for the price.

Who Is Kirkland Signature Rwandan For?

Someone looking for a real treat in their daily coffee routine would totally dig this. Think about someone who’s into those rich, chocolatey flavors, but also loves a hint of something unexpected, like that floral touch.

This isn’t just for the everyday coffee drinker. It’s for folks who appreciate the little details – from the smoky aroma to that velvety texture. If they’re all about savoring every sip and maybe even daydreaming about a cozy wooden cabin while they drink, this Rwandan dark roast is their ticket.

And hey, who can resist great quality at a good price? Cheers to finding the perfect cup!


– Caffeinated
– Kosher
Item Number:  759652

This coffee is available at Costco. Want to know what the best coffee at Costco is? Check out our review. We update it from time to time based on seasons and what they have in stock.

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