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Tim Horton

First Impressions

Tim Hortons’ blend is like the warm embrace of an old friend. The freshness of this coffee is remarkable, and its aromatic, nutty character sets it apart. Imagine a melody that’s both smooth and rich, with robust undertones, and you have this Canadian favorite. In terms of quality and price, it’s an extraordinary find, offering a well-rounded coffee experience.

Strength in coffee is much like choosing the right brushstroke in a painting, and Tim Hortons’ offers a palette to suit every taste. Brew it strong, and it’s full-bodied, yet never overpowering; a perfect partner to cream. On the gentler side, it’s delicate enough to please those who prefer their coffee black, without a hint of bitterness. This adaptability is what makes it a versatile choice for different coffee drinkers.

This coffee paints a picture of a mellow-to-full-bodied brew, with whispers of nutty flavor and a subtle touch of dark chocolate. It’s the kind of coffee that, whether brewed strong or weak, maintains its integrity without turning bitter or burnt. It’s like a well-written novel that can be enjoyed at different reading paces without losing its charm.

Key Takeaways

Tim Horton’s coffee has a distinctive profile that’s akin to a classic song that never goes out of style. The affordability makes it all the more appealing, and its flexibility to blend or alternate with other favorites

Who is Tim Hortons Coffee Original for?

Tim Hortons’ blend is for the patriot and the pragmatist, the connoisseur, and the casual sipper. Think of it as a versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down.

It’s for those who love a reliable cup of java that can be tailored to individual preferences without sacrificing quality or flavor.

From the “coffee snob” to the person looking for an affordable daily brew, it offers a touch of Canadian hospitality in every cup.


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Tim Hortons Coffee Original is available at Costco. Want to know what the best coffee at Costco is? Check out our full comparison review here. We update it from time to time based on seasons and what they have in stock.

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