First I Drink Coffee Than I Do Things

first i wake up then i do things

First we drink the coffee then we do the things

It's a mantra. First we drink the coffee then we do things.

That's always the key. Coming up with idea's as you go along. Creating content. Wait, but it has to be valuable or the user just bounces.

Like a party without libations the internet has become a space where value must be delivered at all times.

Hold on, let me first drink the coffee then I do things.

I first heard this on and thought it as slightly humorous due to being both accurate and also sounds like a foreigner saying it in my head.

First I Drink the Coffee then I do the Things

Being a world traveler, I've been to a lot of coffee shops. This morning I decided to try out an upscale restaurant that people said was over rated.

Unfortunately, I ran out of coffee and the restaurant is closer than the coffee shop that sells my favorite brand Lavazza coffee.

That's right, instead of going to the gym I went and had buttery pancakes, drowned in Nutella... and an americano coffee.

What is americano coffee. I'll get into it more, but it is essentially espresso with more water to make a cup of coffee.

When I came to Middle Eastern countries for the first time, I would order a coffee and they looked at me quizzically. More so than the typical, I-don't-understand-you look.

Apparently, they don't just have coffee. Plus, almost every country has a different word for coffee. Google Translate to the rescue! No, they have very strong coffee called americano.

Turkish coffee is too much for me. Pretty sure you some types of Turkish coffee you spoon would stand straight up on it's own it's so thick. You have to chew it.

Final Thoughts on Doing Things

Although Dunkin' Donuts makes coffee that appeals to the masses and in my opinion, watered down bean water, they have a great marketing strategy. Their slogan is, "America Runs on Dunkin'". Which is clever. It's just that America runs off many kinds of coffee.

So whatever you choose as your java choice, wherever you are in the world, hopefully you will drink the coffee then do the things you planned on doing.