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Just Love Coffee

Just love coffee. It's okay to say and probably a bit cliche. However, I just love coffee and I drink it every single day, several times a day. I couldn’t imagine being in this position in my life, where I am now financially, and career wise, if it weren't for coffee.

If it weren't for coffee, I would be in my parents basement playing video games. I just love coffee. I need coffee like Kyle Jenner needs lip stick.

I just love coffee and if you're reading this I have a feeling your affection for coffee is more than most. As I mentioned, we need that caffeine to help us get through the days when we just don't have the natural energy to get this done on our own.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs
coffee blog

I think about this quote a lot. The more I think about it, the more it motivated me to think about what I should do with my life.

I mention the other things I do below. Still, I decided to start a coffee blog to share my passion with others. I am not here to get rich off the site. I'll be surprised if I make enough to pay for the hosting and domain each year.

My purpose for this site is to share my knowledge and passion of coffee with other avid coffee connoisseurs as well as coffee noobs (as we all once were).

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What's Java Groove Coffee Blog About?

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The blog aspect is where I give musings on all things coffee. Mostly obscure coffee I tried and coffee shops I've visited in various parts throughout the world.

I've visited other coffee blogs, like I am sure you have as well. I just love coffee and felt I could turn my love for java into a hobby.

Being a millennial, I am in the job of doing many freelance jobs. From medical tourism to web development, my work allows me to travel the world. Due to traveling all the time and needing a place with wifi do get some work done, I visit a lot of coffee shops.

Why not write about the coffee shop I'm at while I'm here anyways?

Coffee Blog

This site is here to inform you about coffee (clearly). It's more up to date (2019!) You will notice there are aspects where there are hard facts about coffee. Like the coffee facts in the  counter in the above section.

I really enjoy coffee facts. Matter of fact, the Java Groove Coffee Twitter account is mostly random coffee facts.

Then there are product reviews that I have personally tried. Other parts I scoured through reliable sources, talked with baristas, and friends and then compiled all that information to form my own opinion.

Rest assured you're going to get reliable information on great brands that you probably never heard of.

I've also tried coffee subscriptions, coffee from far off, remote countries and discovered such amazing things that I feel that other coffee aficionados would love.

International Coffee Shops

international coffee shops

Perhaps you're traveling to one of the places I've been. It's always good to have some insight on what to expect. Even better to avoid a bad experience because I took the bullet for you. Every countries' customs are different. That goes for service and their coffee too.

Ever been to a coffee shop in Iran? They have some of the most beautiful coffee shops I've ever seen. Much better than the commercial places throughout America. Although they have those too. Service is amazing as well. Almost always polite and kind. (They don't like it when you tip. It's a pride thing).

Most of the people speak a little English. It depends what city and which part you're in. For example, almost all baristas in Tehran know a little English. No one in the slums of any country is going to know enough English to help you.

When they found out I was American in Iran they roll out the red carpet. There have been several times they gave me free coffee and food after we talked for a bit.

Turkey is a bit different. I randomly found some great shops in some nooks and crannies throughout Istanbul. However, the service is terrible just about everywhere. Hardly anyone speaks English. They don't give a shit what country you're from. Probably due to the influx of immigrants from Arab countries. Most of them just seem like angry people. Don't get me started on the taxi drivers.

A lot of times they think I am an Arab too. Many Turkish people don't like Middle Easterners. Then they understand I am American and they become a little nicer. Sometime too nice and then they try to over charge me. Usually happens at the local mom & pop coffee shops and stores around the tourist traps like Taksim Square. Wonderful place, just wonderful.

My experience when traveling anywhere is to check Trip Advisor first on restaurants, then goto the place. Coffee shops aren't that big a deal. I just ask if they have wifi and I am set with whatever Americano they offer.

Sometimes wifi doesn't even matter. American currency is so strong in many of these countries in the Middle East and in most of Europe that I just use my phones' data plan. It's faster anyways.

So there you have it. Coffee reviews, coffee musings, coffee equipment and anything else coffee related can be found here at Java Groove Coffee.

Fast Facts About Me

  • I Work in Medical Tourism

    Basically means I have to travel to countries that are less expensive to have surgical procedures done. Being an American, people feel more comfortable with me than foreign doctors. I understand doctors concerns, so I bridge that gap.

  • I Freelance as a Web Developer

    I do odd web dev jobs here and there for some extra cash.

  • I Never Drink Coffee After 8

    A man’s gotta sleep. Call me soft, but I’m drinking strong foreign coffee. Not that watered down bean water back home in The States.

  • I Love Whisky Too

    Jameson is my guy. If you find typos in this blog, it’s his fault. If you find brilliant written prose, thank Jameson.

  • I'm Starting to Get into Wine

    Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do after 30? However, I don’t feel I’ll ever fit in with the wine and cheese crowd.

  • I Hate Traveling

    Hear me out, being in a new country is fun. However, the act of traveling sucks. Planning the trip, finding a place and airplane ticket at a decent rate, clearing customs, waiting for bags, flight delays, and a plethora of other reasons lead me to abhor act of traveling.

Home Barista

barista class

Be your own Home Barista. Now, I have a tremendous amount of respect for baristas. Maybe because I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for years.

I empathize with what they have to deal with. A barista's job is incredibly difficult. Especially Starbucks baristas. The coffee is sub-par at best, but many of the customers are simply terrible human beings who shouldn't be allowed reproduce.

Sometimes they mess up my order. As I said, I empathize with baristas and people in hospitality in general. I sometimes kindly explain what went wrong. Most times it's not a big deal. That being said, I tend be an asshole right back to rude people.

However, I rather be a home barista. Being a home barista gives me complete control of how my java juice is going to come out. Plus, if I mess up, it's my own fault. Bonus points, I learned something new.

I digress, I want to create an area where you can learn to be your own barista at home. Home Barista Baby! Coffee that tastes like it was made from a barista that will have your friends complimenting you and you saving bucks making coffee like a barista from home.

You don’t need expensive commercial coffee equipment. Just a some know how and a little finesse.