The Best Coffee Makers at Target

A review of different types and replacement parts for each

Target not only provide some of the best coffee makers in every store, they also provide some of the best deals around on the coffee makers. From the moment you walk into the large red doors you’re hit with the $5 and under section.

The good deals don’t stop there, if you have a coupon from a competitor then they will match the price at the register.

Their price competition is great too. They will match the prices of their online competitors such as Amazon and others (download list from Target.com).

That is why in this article we include a links to Amazon, so you can compare prices.

These are just some of the reasons why people love Target (also lovingly referred to as Tarjay). That’s why we thought it was necessary to provide some information on a few of the best coffee makers at Target in several categories for loyal Target shoppers.

Keep in mind, what might be the best coffee maker for a single mom may be the worst choice for a dorm room.

That being said we do have a preferred model that should satisfy most people’s needs.

We also decided to compile a list of several types for specific uses.

The coffee maker types listed are:

Table of Contents

We tried to only include coffee makers that were widely available at all Target stores. However, your mileage may vary. If the one you’re looking for is not available at your local Target, you can order it online or check online if it’s available at another store close by.

Java Groove's Choice

The Best Coffee Maker at Target

Cuisinart DCC-3200

A dependable coffee maker that gets the job done and has enough bells and whistles to make life easier without making it complicated is why the DCC-3200 is the best coffee maker at Target.

We tried to only include coffee makers that were widely available at all Target stores. However, your mileage may vary. If the one you’re looking for is not available at your local Target, you can order it online or check online if it’s available at another store close by.

Another great thing about Target is that it pays for shipping if you want to return something.

For example, say you visit a physical Target store out of town and buy a Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker and it starts leaking the first day, you can go online and start a return or exchange procedure.

Target pays for shipping. You can print out the shipping label and return it.

Very cool.

Best Single Cup + Pot Duel Coffee Combo Maker

Looking for the ease of use and simplicity of a single cup coffee maker, but also would like a pot of coffee?

A dual coffee maker is a great choice for those that would like the best of both worlds. Good thing is that Target typically has at least one combo coffee maker model available at every store.

We narrowed down the choice to just a few dual coffee makers. They offer about the same features in all models.

The features that are in all 3 combo coffee machines are:

Cuisinart SS-15P1

cuisinart ss 15 dimensions TargetThe Cuisinart SS-15 is our choice for best dual coffee maker. It is due to the additional features, the longest warranty and our personal preference for the aesthetics of the coffee maker.

There are some extra features that the other top rated dual brew coffee makers did not provide. The biggest one was the 3 year warranty.

The next was the self-clean feature. The icon illuminates when it’s time to be cleaned.

The next was the adjustable carafe temperature. This feature comes in handy if you add cold milk to your coffee or simply like piping hot coffee.

On the flip side, maybe you like your coffee a little less than scolding hot so you can start guzzling caffeine as quickly as possible.



Cons of the Cuisinart SS-15

The number one complaint with the Cuisinart SS-15 is the single serve part. Many users complained that it shoots water and coffee grounds everywhere.

On the single serve side of the machine you’ll find 2 white arrows inside the K-Cup. One arrow is on the k-cup insert and the other is on the machine itself. These two arrows must be aligned. Cuisinart decided to place the 2 arrows toward the back of the coffee maker, therefore making it a bit difficult to see.

If you don’t line up these two white arrows, the machine will allow you to insert the K-Cup backwards. The result is your K-cup foil lid will be punctured incorrectly and there will be coffee grounds all inside of the machine.

It’s not something you can ignore and use it again right away, you must clean up the mess first.

Looking for the Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Check out our guide on the best Cuisinart Coffee Maker for your lifestyle.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Replacement Parts

SS-15P1 Charcoal Filters

SS-15P1 Carafe

SS-15P1 Gold Tone Filter

HomeBarista Reusable K-Cup

Keurig K-Duo

keurig duo demensionsKeurig coffee makers are a fan favorite and is the original manufacturer of the single cup serve. It gets the job done, easy to use and makes a great gift.

You can find the K-Duo at just about every Target store, however we do not recommend the Keurig K-Duo compared to other Dual coffee makers at Target.



There were many complaints about the single serve side of the K-Duo. They have many reports of leaking, or simply not brewing after time.

That being said, it does have many good reviews and is loved by many. However, Java Groove suggests taking a look at other dual coffee makers that Target offers.

Keurig K-Duo
Replacement Parts

K-Duo - Charcoal Filters

Reusable Keurig K Duo Filter

Keurig K Duo Refillable K-Cup

Keurig K Duo Carafe

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

flexBrew size dimensions target

We’ve done a review on the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. It’s our favorite coffee maker available at Costco (find out the other best Coffee Makers at Costco) and a top rated dual brew coffee maker.

It comes down to the plethora of features. For the cost you will definitely get your money’s worth.



Read the FlexBrew Full Review

The major complaint of the FlexBrew was the amount of time it took to brew coffee. To combat this users suggested programming it at night, however the single side can’t be programmed.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew
Replacement Parts

FlexBrew - Charcoal Filters

Reusable FlexBrew Gold Tone Filter

FlexBrew - Filter Handle

Reusable Refillable FlexBrew K-Cup

Best Budget Coffee Maker at Target

The thing about budget coffee makers at Target is they get the job done and with little fuss. If you’re on a budget then choosing either one of these cheap coffee makers that are usually available at the brick-and-mortar Target.

Black+Decker CM1160B CM1110B

black decker CM1110B target

The CM1160B is a Target exlusive and is no different than the CM1110B available elsewhere.

The thing about budget coffee makers at Target is they get the job done and with little fuss. If you’re on a budget then choosing either one of these cheap coffee makers that are usually available at the brick-and-mortar Target stores.



There aren’t many negative things we can say about a budget coffee maker under $25. Yes, it feels like a cheap coffee maker, that’s because it’s less than $25.

That being said, it starts to gurgle loudly while brewing, especially if it’s low on water.

Black Decker CM1160B
Replacement Parts CM1110B​

Black+Decker CM1110B​ Replacement Carafe

Black+Decker Gold Tone Filter

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable

mr coffee target budget coffee makerThere are several coffee machines manufactured by Mr. Coffee available at Target. It depends on your location. All the budget ones are under $35 and essentially do the same thing.

However, the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable looks the best and is widely available at Target stores.

It’s a step above the Mr. Coffee Switch, which doesn’t have a display or any other buttons besides the on & off Switch.



Again, for a budget coffee maker you really can’t complain.

Overall it’s a good looking, contemporary coffee maker that gets the job done while providing some useful features from a reputable brand.

Best Drip Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-3200

Cuisinart dcc 3200 best coffee maker at targetIf you’re simply looking for a good drip coffee maker for home that has the basic features and is dependable then look no further than the Cuisinart DCC-3200 coffee maker that is available at almost every Target.

There are good reasons why we feel this is the best coffee maker at Target.

The DCC-3200 is very easy to use but still comes with features that make your coffee a bit better.

Programming the clock is easy to figure out because it works like every other programmable coffee maker. You can adjust the auto-off feature and there is an alert tone to let you know when your coffee is done brewing (that can be turned off).

It’s the small things that make the DCC-3200 one of our favorites. Comes with a gold-tone filter and some charcoal filters for the water tank.

The 3 year warranty lets you rest assured that you’re going to get a dependable Cuisinart coffee maker for home at Target.



Cuisinart DCC-3200
Replacement Parts

Replacement Coffee Filter Gold Tone Filter for DCC-3200

Cuisinart DCC-3200 Replacement Glass Carafe

Best Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

coffee ninja target dimensionsNinja speciality coffee makers are great if you like a variety of coffee drinks.

The fold away frother really opens up the ability to make cappuccinos, lattes and other specialty coffee shop drinks.

You can brew coffee directly into a cup or into the carafe. There are 6 cup sizes to choose from.

With all the things it can do, the biggest win for the Ninja Coffee Maker is that it is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. Basically it means that it meets standard requirements for making coffee such as brew temperature, time and within their set standards.

When a coffee machine passes their requirements it’s added to the short list of certified brewers.



For a coffee maker to be able to do many things we were a little disappointed it doesn’t keep the coffee hot.

There is a thermal carafe available and sold separately that will help a bit, but getting a piping hot cup of coffee seems to be the biggest drawback of this specialty coffee maker.

Water tank only holds 8 cups of water.

Looking for the best coffee maker at Walmart?

Find out which one we rated best!

Ninja Coffee Bar
Replacement Parts

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Replacement Carafe

Ninja 43 oz Water Reservoir Tank

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