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Jura E8 Review

jura e9 white costcoThe Jura E8 superautomatic espresso machine is available at Costco in Piano White. The E8 has added even more coffee & espresso drinks in the 2019 upgrade. You can now make 16 specialty coffee drinks using the color TFT monitor (not touch screen).

All these drinks can be completely customized, from the amount & consistency of froth, as well as the strength and volume, just to name a few.

The Pros far out the cons in this review. However, the main drawback of this super automatic espresso & coffee machine is the price tag. If you can handle the 1,799 price tag, then this is a great addition to your home or office.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

E8 Features

Where do we start? This super automatic espresso maker does a lot of neat things that makes life easier.

We’ll spare you an in-depth review of all the things you can do with this and gloss over the main features.


  • Built-in steel burr grinder with 6 settings

  • Height of the duel spouts & milk dispenser is adjustable

  • 64 oz (2 liters) detachable & side-mounted & water reservoir

  • Water filter inside the reservoir with built-in sensor to indicate when it needs to be replaced

  • TFT-LCD color screen that shows the drinks. There are physical buttons that correspond to the on-screen choices.

  • Program 3 totally customized coffee drinks and 3 different milk based drinks in addition to the 16 preprogrammed drinks.

  • Precise amount of water, milk, shot volume, foam volume & temperature can be programmed and saved.

  • Control foam with the dial - foamer with a turn of the dial

  • Drip tray is removable and easy to clean

  • Behind the removable drip tray is where the used coffee grounds are dropped. A sensor notify you when it needs to be replaced, which is after 10 uses.

  • Brew unit can not be removed. It requires cleaning tablets.


Jura E8 Drawbacks

If you’re an espresso snob then this may not be for you. A quality portafilter will provide a much better tasting espresso. However, if you’re adding a sugar and milk to your coffee beverage than this will be just fine.

This machine is big. 11wx13hx17.5d isn’t small. If you’re going to add the milk container then you’re going to need a lot of real estate on your counter top.

Jura suggests a cleaning cycle every 180 drinks. They also require their own Jura cleaning tablet to descale and clean. Which tends to be more expensive than typical descaling methods. That being said, many users have claimed their Jura machines lasted 10 years. Quite remarkable.

Jura E8 Replacement Parts

Jura Claris Smart Filter, 3 Pack

Jura Cleaning Tablets, 6-Tablets in Pack

Jura Milk System Cleaner - 1000 ml (33oz) bottle

Should you buy the Jura E8?

If you’re already considering purchasing the E8, then Costco is your best choice. Based on our research Costo has the best price at $1,799, compared to Amazon and other specialty coffee retailers.

However, as of this writing, it only comes in white. There are other Jura machines available at Costco, such as the WE6 that comes in black. This model comes with more features than the other Jura models at Costco.


Jura Accessories

There are add-ons that are available for the Jura E8 that improve the functionality and give more features. None of them are available at Costco.

Jura Bluetooth Adapter

One of the coolest add-on is the Jura Smart Bluetooth Adapter. Out of the box the E8 cannot be controlled with a smart device.

You’ll need an easy to clip-on adapter and to download the app, which is available for both iOS & Android. And yes, you can order a drink with Siri.

Jura Milk Cooler

Works with all Jura coffee makers. Keeps milk at a consistent 39F, which keeps your milk fresh longer. There are several sizes available, but we feel the 20oz is enough for home use.

Cleaning it is a breeze since the actual milk container is stainless steel, you can remove it and is dishwater safe. It comes with the milk tube.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Jura coffee machine last?

Some users claimed to have owned a Jura machine for 10 years. Probably explains why many people don’t mind buying second hand Jura machines.

Where are Jura coffee machines made?


How often should I clean the Jura?

Every 200 uses the machine will remind you to drop in a cleaning tablet.

Can you use almond milk in Jura?


Can you froth almond milk in a Jura?


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