The Best Smart Coffee Makers

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We did an in depth review of all the recent smart coffee makers. Beware, this is fairly new technology. If you’ve never hooked up a smart device in your home it then you should know sometimes they can be finicky.

Read on to see which smart coffee makers were best and which models should be avoided.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Java Groove's Choice

The Best Smart Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker – 49350 is the best smart coffee maker. Buy an Hamilton Smart from Amazon or read more below.

What is a Smart Coffee Maker?

A smart coffee maker is a machine that makes coffee with the help of a smart-phone and the process is in some form automatic. Features can vary, but for the sake of this article a separate device that helps assist in making the cup of coffee, makes it smart.

That separate device can be a smart phone or virtual voice assistant (think Alexa, Siri, etc.). There are more ways to connect to these devices, but this article is covering the basics. Although it’s simple, one-button start isn’t a smart coffee maker.
Although it’s simple, one-button start isn’t a smart coffee maker.
There are some extremely high-end built-in smart coffee makers, but we felt those deserved a separate article. They are quite expensive relative to the most expensive on this list. Many other considerations should be made, such as size and functionality, to name a few.

How Do You Connect to a Smart Coffee Maker?

There are 2 main ways to connect to the coffee maker. That being Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks listed below. None of the coffee makers we tested had both.

In some cases, there were no physical buttons on the machine, a separate smart device was the only way you could summon a cup of java. Those machines are not covered in this article.

Bluetooth Devices



Bluetooth is more common. Which is too bad. We prefer wifi due to the ability to connect from anywhere. That being said, it is a big more difficult to setup. 

Wifi Devices



Wifi feature is useful if you use it in an office and you want to start it up on the way there.

Great if you have last minute schedule changes & far from the coffee maker.

The machines are separated by price ranges. You can decide if the feature is useful in that price range. We try to remain as unbiased as possible in all our reviews and explain the pros and cons of each.

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Find out which one we rated best!

Is a Smart Coffee maker Worth it?

Home automation can make your life easier, but you should know if you’re trying too hard to force something work.

Be honest with yourself if you’re technically savvy enough to get it to work. I find myself technically inclined but I had issues with my smart lights and it took a bit of research to figure out. If a programmable coffee is enough, get a fancy one and add a smart plug to it.

On the other hand, there are coffee makers that make coffee, various drinks, froth milk, and grind beans. If you feel this will simplify your life or add value then by all means, you deserve it.

Behmor Temerature Control

Behmor smart coffee maker
The Behmor (pronounced Bee-More) coffee brewer has been around a few years now. 

It’s full of customizable features. It connects to Alexa and comes with it’s app. The app allows you to customize the temperate, control the strength of coffee and amount. Of course it doesn’t stop there.

Although the company had a lot of success with the Brazen Plus, which was certified by the SCA, this coffee machine didn’t fare as well with users. As of this writing they stopped advertising this model on their website.

If you can find it at stores, be sure you’re comfortable with technology. Be sure to check the store return policy because Behmor makes it difficult to return.



Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker - 49350

alexa smart coffee makerHamilton Beach coffee makers have been covered by us & they haven’t let us down yet. Youre probably familiar with them as well because theyre durable and get the job done. This coffee maker is no different in that regard.

While you can make any coffee maker “Smart” by adding a smart plug to it, it still requires a little patience to setup. That’s where this model shines. It’s built with Alexa in mind & Certified for Humans, which basically means it sets up much easier. If you have an Alexa hub then this will fit in nicely with that. You can set it part of your Smart Routine.

Coffee maker is very straight forward. 12 cups, 2 brew strength options, front-swivel water reservoir (easy to add water & stays tucked under cabinets).

There are buttons on the front, so if there are members in the household that don’t want another app then they can make a cup the old-fashioned way with physical buttons.

Find out which one we rated best!



Nespresso Expert – De’Longi Original

de-longhi nespresso We don’t normally mention Nepresso coffee makers much. However, being that it is a smart coffee maker we decided to add this one to the list.

There are several variations to the Nepresso Expert. The major ones are the 2 brands, De’longhi & Breville. The other difference is coming with a separate Nepresso Aeroccino milk frother or not. The De’longhi Nepresso Expert is more widely available in major retailer stores as of this 2020 writing.

Off the bat the design is excellent. Its shape is a rounded rectangle (from overhead), which allows it to sit flush under a cabinet against a wall.

There are no digital displays. You use the knobs, buttons & subtle LED color coded alerts on the machine.

The smart aspect comes by way of Bluetooth. The app allows you to choose the serving size, temperature and personalized drinks. It’s programmable as well.

With other models consumers complained some drinks came out watery. That is solved with this model. By adjusting the cup size you can dial in the strength of your drink. Need hot water in a pinch? Turn the knob or use your phone to get hot water in just a few seconds.

If you’re into specialized coffee recipes then there are a ton available on the Nepresso site. The coffee maker comes with a kit of various Nespresso Original capsules. They are widely available at large retailers such as Walmart, Target, Costco, & Amazon. This model does not work with the Vertuo capsules.



Atomi Smart Wifi 12 Cup Coffee Maker

smart wifi coffee makerAtomi Smart coffee maker is very much like the Hamilton Beach. It plays nice with Alexa and Google Home. It brews the standard 12 cups.

Download the free app that’s available for iOS & Android. You can program the coffee maker to brew at specific times on different days.

The model has a stainless-steel case, but is has a reusable plasic filter. The reservoir is made of plastic.

Contrary to what other reviews say: You can make flavored coffee with this machine.



Java Groove’s Honest Take: Although we didn’t physically test this model, we were wary of it. Many people complained of machine failure. While it’s common for people to complain then to praise when something happens, we recommend buying this at retail stores in order to take advantage of stores’ return policy.

This model is currently available for less at BJ’s. At Home Depot it is the same price, but it is backed with a 180-day return policy.

Smarter SMc01 iCoffee

coffee maker grinder smartBuilt-in grinder, various colors and connects to your smart phone?! These are just some of the features. The Smarter coffee maker has been refreshed for this 2nd generation model. It is one of the only smart coffee makers on the current market with a built-in coffee grinder.

Whenever you program it to make coffee it uses grinds coffee and makes at least 4 cups. The bean hopper is on top that has an adjustable burr grinder. It allows you to choose between coarse and fine grinds.

Inside the box you’ll find 3 colored front face plates. You can swap them out without much hassle to match the other appliances.

While it can connect with Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant and more, there is also an easy to use LCD panel on the front. The Smarter Coffee maker can also be programmed to start using geofencing technology. Essentially it can be programmed to automatically start when you get close to home. This is done by using the location technology in the app.



Philips Saeco GranBaristo Avanti

Saeco Gran Baristo AvantiThe Saeco GranBarito Avanti is a quality machine that’s packed with features. So many features that it may be overwhelming for non-techie people.

There is a built-in customizable grinder. It also comes with 2 removable hoppers, which can be useful with households that use several bean types. There is a separate container for milk that is never heated. Detach it & store it in the fridge. Easily clean the machine by adding water & running it though. No steam wand attached. 

Speaking of cleaning, it’s strait forward to clean it out. Open the front and the brew unit easily comes out. Rinse it out once in a while and you’re good to go.

The main attraction of course is the Bluetooth functionality and how it works with your phone. Since it’s so customizable, there is a lot of great drinks that can be simply made. You can add multiple user profile that each have their own programmable drinks. The app is simple, intuitive, and attractive.

Unlike most other Bluetooth smart coffee makers, this one can be programmed on the front LED display. That way you can select your favorite drink from the machine itself. It takes a little bit of finesse to setup & program the machine, but once up and running it’s a breeze.

For example, if you want a flat white all you have to do is attach the milk dispenser and set a cup in place. Either use your app or the physical buttons. The machine grinds the beans the appropriate coarseness, adds the milk at the right moment, and temperature is adjusted appropriately as well.



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