Cuisinart CBC-7400PC Review

The latest 2022 Cuisinart coffee maker at Costco

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cbc-7400pc review It’s late 2022 and Costco has updated their exclusive Cuisinart coffee maker. Cuisinart has made a few improvements since the CBC-7000 model.

In some stores you can still find the older model (read review on that here), which is a decent coffee maker we did a review on.

As of this writing, it’s not in stock at all Costco stores nationwide. However, you can order it online for $59.99.

Table of Contents


CBC-7400PC Features

The features listed below are the typical features you find on most coffee brewers in this price range.

This model is approximately the same size as last years model.

Exact dimensions are: 9.76” L x 8.74” W x 14.49” H and it weights 5.97 lbs.

CBC-7400PC Extra Features

The CBC-7400 has some additional features that set this coffee maker apart from most others.

CBC-7400PC Drawbacks

The drawbacks are few and far between. Sometime rare times you may get a faulty unit.

Other drawbacks are simply preference, such as brewing weak coffee or brewing too slowly.



More on the Drawbacks

Another issue was that when making a full 14-cups the brew basket sometimes overflows. To combat this users claim making 12 cups prevents the issue from happening.

If these drawback with the CBC-7400PC are too much you can always take advantage of Costco’s return policy.



CBC-7400PC Replacement Parts

Since the CBC-7400 is a Costco exclusive the replacement parts are difficult to find. Replacement coffee pots, carafes or charcoal filters for the CBC-7400PC are not available at Costco.

Keep in mind, the Cuisinart CBC-7400 is basically the same as the DCC-3200. The control panel has a different button layout and lacks complete stainless steel on the sides.

Replacement Carafe for CBC-7000

If interested in substituting the CBC-7400 carafe for a thermal carafe you’re out of luck.

The Cuisinart representative kindly explained that they do not recommend using a thermal carafe since the heating plate is not built for thermal coffee pots.

Replacement Carafe

Replacement Gold Tone Coffee Filter Baskets

Replacement Charcoal Water Filters 12-pack of


What's the Difference Between the Cuisinart CBC-7400PC & DCC-3200?

The difference between the CBC-7400 & DCC-3200 is the button layout and stainless steel on the side of the DCC-3200.

The LED is a bit brighter in the new CBC-7400



The Costco exclusive Cuisinart 14-Cup Coffeemaker CBC-7400PC is a well rounded machine for the lowest price around. 

It does everything the the DCC-3200 does but looks a little more up-to-date and sleeker.

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