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affordable coffee maker costco Costco always has an exclusive Cuisinart coffee maker. In this case it’s the CBC-7000. Not only does it have all the typical features of $100 coffee makers, but this model is about half the price at Costco.

The 2020 Cuisinart Costco exclusive CBC-6800 (read review on that here), was a decent coffee maker we did a review on.

The CBC-7000 is just as good, if not better because it has a few more bells and whistles. There are a lot of features packed into this that are mostly standard  among Cuisinart coffee makers.

As of this writing, this model is only available with limited supply at some store locations. The regular price is $59.99.

The CBC-7000 has all the typical features that usually come with a sub $100 Cuisinart coffee maker.

Typical features on most Cuisinart coffee machines are:

Table of Contents

The Cuisinart CBC-7000PC comes with all these features as well, however it has a few additional features that set it apart from other models.


CBC-7000PC Drawbacks


More on the Drawbacks

There isn’t a coffee maker without any drawbacks and users have complained of a few with this model. The main one was the tight space where the carafe fits into. Users said you had to consciously put it back to fit.

The other drawback because of the tight fit was the condensation that built-up on the lid. When pouring a cup that condensation would spill.

Another common issue was that when making 14 cups the gold-tone basket will over flow. So you’re essentially making 14 weak cups of coffee. The filter only holds enough coffee ground for 12 cups.

Another issue is the slight plasticky or chemically taste that some users complained about. This is common with almost all affordable drip coffee makers in this price range.

The problem is due to water being heated in a plastic reservoir. This is why you should run some plain water cycles through it before the first batch.

If you drink it black, it may be more pronounced. Most people tend to add milk, sugar & other additives to their coffee and don’t notice.

Lastly, some users complained that after time the coffee will start tasting weak and acidic. The problem the heating element slowly deteriorates. When you first buy almost any budget friendly model the coffee heats at around 195F. Over time the water drops to as low as 175F, and the heating plate warms it back up.

This is what causes that weak or acidic taste. Many regular coffee drinkers don’t notice it because it happens slowly over time.

How do you solve it? Clean the coffee maker regularly; at least once a month.

When all else fails, use Costco’s return policy to your advantage. Is it environmentally conscious or practical? No.


CBC-7000PC Replacement Parts

Trying to find a replacement parts for the CBC-7000PC is difficult. That’s because it’s a Costco exclusive. Costco does not sell CBC-7000 coffee carafes, charcoal filters, or any other replacement parts. 

We called Cuisinart and they explained this model is the essentially the same as the DCC-3200 except the control panel has a different button layout and doesn’t have stainless steel on the sides.

There are several coffee pots that fit the CBC-7000PC. Keep in mind the CBC-7000PC replacement carafe is 14-cups.

CBC-7000 Replacement Coffee Pot

If you’re going to replace the CBC-7000 carafe you may be tempted to get the thermal carafe.

If you’re interested in a thermal carafe I’m afraid you’re out of luck. I called Cuisinart and asked which thermal coffee pot would fit this model.

The representative kindly explained that they do not recommend using a thermal carafe. She added that the heating plate in these models would damage the thermal carafe.

Replacement Carafe

Replacement Gold Tone Coffee Filter Baskets

Replacement Charcoal Water Filters 12-pack of


What's the Difference Between the Cuisinart CBC-6400PC, DCC-3200, DCC-2800 & CBC-7000?

You may have noticed 4 or more very similar looking Cuisinart coffee makers. If so then you’re probably asking, “What’s the difference?”

If you look at the specifications you would see that they are essentially the same. They are the same size and similar features. In order to get some clarification we decided to call Cuisinart. They explained that the only difference was the button layout and stainless steel on the sides.

In short, not much difference except the price tag & where it’s available.


Different colors for a Similar Model

Technically these aren’t the same model, but as mentioned above, we spoke with a Cuisinart rep and they confirmed they are essentially the same.

This is one of the few coffee makers that come in various colors. As you can see below there are some eye catching colors.

They are not available at Costco, but you can find them on Amazon, Target and Walmart.



The Cuisinart 14-Cup Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker CBC-7000PC is a well rounded machine. It’s easy to use, packed with useful features and looks good. It’s the same as the DCC-3200, which is available for a bit more at Walmart.

Despite some of the typical drawbacks, it’s a decent buy at around $50 for those who aren’t coffee snobs.

If you are a coffee snob and you would like to give it a shot then keep in mind Costco has an industry leading return policy.

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