The Best Coffee Maker at Walmart

A review of drip coffee makers in 4 major price ranges

Walmart usually has great deals on a lot of their coffee products and their return policy is great too. Depending on the store, there might be a lot of drip coffee makers or maybe just a few to choose from.

We visited several stores and noticed some of the same models in all the stores. Others were exclusive to that particular store. 

If you’re looking for a specific coffee machine at Walmart and it’s not available at your local store then you can order it online.

We listed coffee makers in 4 price brackets.

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This article also goes over the features, as well as the pros and cons of the best coffee machines at Walmart.

Amazon or Walmart may have a better bargain. We’ve added both links for you to check if there is a deal going on to help you save.

If you shop at Target, you can show Target’s cashier a recent ad of Walmart’s price and they will match it.

Walmart will not price match Target store prices, sale items, or ads that cannot guarantee the original price (source).


This article is updated every few months.

However, these last few months in 2022 prices have gone up & fluctuated a great deal. We are doing our best to stay up to date.

Please forgive any price inconsistencies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you’re looking for a specific coffee maker at Walmart and it’s not available at your local store keep in mind it’s possible to order online.

Java Groove's Choice


Cuisinart DCC-3200

Priced well, durable and useful features most people will actually use.


Top Rated Walmart Coffee Makers

We sifted through coffee brewers available at Walmart to find the best ones based on:

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Features

Most Affordable Coffee Makers

Under 50$

Black + Decker

cheapest coffee maker

Mr. Coffee

Hamilton Beach - Easy Access

Hamilton Beach - 2 Way Brewer

Cuisinart 4 Cup - Stainless Steel

Mr. Coffee - Single Serve - Iced Coffee

Under 100$

Cuisinart DCC-3200

Ninja Coffee Maker - CE250

Above 100$

Ninja Coffee Maker - CFP201

Keurig K-Duo Plus

Ninja Coffee Maker CM401

Best Coffee Maker at Walmart Under $20

You can find a coffee maker for under $20 in 2022?

Yes, but…many people report lots of issues with them (think very cheap Chinese products). Which maybe perfectly okay for some uses, but this article is focusing on the best coffee maker at Walmart that is based on quality, functionality, and durability.

Other coffee makers under 20$ didn’t warm coffee hot enough, leaked, or coffee tasted plasticky. Although you may feel that saving a few dollars and getting the bear minimum coffee maker is your best bet, please consider that you’re more than likely going to have issues. Hold on to those receipts!

Lastly, most coffee makers on this list contain BPA. When you purchase a cheap coffee maker there is no avoiding it. 

If the coffee maker is BPA-Free then it will be listed.

Mr. Coffee Switch 12-Cup

white coffee maker cheapThe cheapest coffee maker at Walmart is available in white and black. Compact enough for small spaces. Only 1 button but does have a few features.

Filter disk and filter papers sold separately.

Makes a good gift for under $20. Check out our guide for more gifts for coffee lovers.



The Best French Press at Walmart

french press walmartWalmart has a few French press coffee makers. However, we like the solid construction of the Bayka and the stylish copper color. 

Looking for full-bodied coffee without all the fuss? A French press is a great way to get wonderful tasting coffee.



Best Coffee Makers Under $50

Black + Decker 12- Cup CM1160B​

cheapest coffee makerIt’s a no frills, simple coffee percolator. Short enough to fit under standard cabinets and small enough so it doesn’t take up much counter space. It’s also available in white.




Black + Decker CM1160B Overflow Fix

A common issue with the Black + Decker CM1160B from is that the basket overflows. The reason why is the spring on the stopper is too strong. To fix it you should remove the spring. 

  1. Take out the basket. 
  2. Remove the rubber washer at the bottom that holds the stopper in place.
  3. Remove the spring and stopper.
  4. Replace the stopper. 
  5. To hold the stopper in place push the rubber washer back.

Coffee Grounds in CM1160B Fix

By removing the spring you’re allowing the water to flow faster and not overflow outside the basket.

Replacement Carafe for Black +Decker CM116OB at Walmart

Finding a replacement coffee pot for the Black + Decker CM1160B​ is difficult. Fortunately, if you save the lid off the original carafe and purchase the below model it will fit.

Mr. Coffee Programmable 12-Cup

mr coffee walmartThis model also comes in red & stainless steel, which wasn’t in any of the stores we visited but online only. There were reports that only red was available in the store. If you’re going to buy online we suggest buying something else for this price.

It’s small, modern looking and gets the job done if you’re a casual coffee drinker.

Features include “Strong Brew” button. The regular strength brews quick, but coffee comes out weak. If you attempt to brew a full pot and try to get a cup of coffee, make sure it is quick or the coffee will overflow in the filter basket.

Programming the Mr. Coffee is super simple and it also beeps when coffee is ready.



The Programmable Mr. Coffee at Walmart had multiple negative reviews addressing the same issues.

Users complained that after 3 months the timer stopped working.

Another common complaint was leakage coming from under the machine. Customer service for Mr. Coffee explained that hard water causes buildup and makes the machine malfunction. To prevent this from happening the machine should be descaled regularly.

Mr. Coffee 12 cup Replacement Carafe

Hamilton Beach Easy Access 12 Cup 46300

hamilton beach walmart coffee makerWe like this model more due to the front swivel in the front, which is great if you want to place it under the cabinet.

Although there are few buttons it packs some useful features.

It’s programmable, regular or bold coffee, and an optional clean cycle reminder every 30 uses. It also has a place for a water filter, which is sold separately.

They also make a smart version available of this model. You can check out our review of smart coffee makers here. Being able to make coffee with your phone is pretty cool, so be sure to check out that article to learn about the pros and cons of smart coffee makers.



Hamilton Beach Easy Access 46300 makes bitter coffee. When you “sneak a cup” while brewing, you’re letting the coffee percolate longer.

The Despite the few drawbacks, if you can find one at the store, then go with the Hamilton Beach Easy Access 12 Cup 46300. Especially if you’re going to add a milk and sugar to your coffee to offset the bitterness.

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Replacement Carafe at Walmart

Best Coffee Maker Under $100

Hamilton Beach 2 Way Brewer Model 49980Z

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Model# 49980ZIf you’re the type that usually brews one cup on the way out, but also need a few more for other members of the household then this coffee maker may prove to be convenient.

Standing 12.5 inches tall and 15 inches wide, it’s not the smallest coffee maker on this list. It is the only coffee maker to make a single cup though. We liked the convenience idea. Use the filter on the single serve as a scoop. Although it says it takes pods, beware, it doesn’t take K-cup pods. Nor does it come with a travel mug shown in pictures.

Programmable brewing time, automatic shutoff, and adjustable single serve cup size are some of the features that stand out at this price range.



Hamilton Beach 2-Way Replacement Coffee Pot at Walmart


Cuisinart 4 Cup - Stainless Steel Carafe

4 cup coffee maker walmartDoes this Cuisinart coffee maker look familiar? Maybe because it’s in a lot of Hilton hotels. This percolator is durable, compact size and simple to use.

Keep in mind this is not a thermal carafe.



Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker - Single Serve

single serve iced coffee makerA simple concept of including a scoop to help measure the right coffee-to-water ratio can help you get a great iced coffee.

There are no pods or other special accessories needed. You can make a single cup of hot coffee as well.

Comes with a 22 ounce tumbler.



Cuisinart DCC-3200

cuisinart dcc-3200 walmartCheck out our full review of the same model (listed under a different model name) that is exclusively sold at Costco.

Also check out our guide on the best Cuisinart coffee maker.

We contacted a Cuisinart representative and they explained that they made several models that are essentially the same but sold at specific retailer stores. Most of the replacement parts are the same.

Finding replacement parts a breeze.

What makes this coffee maker stand out is the ability to control the temperature. The DCC-3200 takes care of that with an easy toggle.



An issue with the Cuisinart DCC-3200 was that if the coffee filter isn’t placed firmly in place the water in the coffee filter rises. This causes the loose coffee grounds to rise above the filter and clog the water dispenser.

If you’re handy you can figure out how to fix it and there are videos online that show you how.

Good thing about this model is since it’s so popular you can easily find replacement parts for the DCC-3200. Below are links for a few.

Replacement Coffee Pot at Walmart

DCC-3200 Replacement Coffee Pot

DCC-3200 Replacement Water Filters


BUNN GRB Speed Brew - 10 Cup

bunn gbrBUNN is an American coffee machine manufacturer.

Chances are you’ve had coffee out of their commercial machines at any late-night diner or church.

BUNN was rated as the best commercial coffee maker.

This machine is as straight forward as it gets. No real bells and whistles, just great coffee – really fast. When we say fast, we mean under 3 minutes. It brews very fast because there is a switch on the side that keeps the water reservoir hot.

The coffee tastes better due to the way the water showers the coffee grounds evenly. Also the water tank is made of commercial grade stainless steel. The carafe is specially designed by BUNN, in order not to drip or spill.

You’re paying for an American manufactured product that lasts a long time and backed by 3 year warranty and great customer service.




Minimum 4 cups of coffee can be made or it wont work. It’s also a bit larger than most coffee makers in on this list.

To be fair, this machine is better suited for an office or workplace. The water is constantly kept at ~200, which isn’t energy efficient.

BUNN Coffee Filters at Walmart

BUNN Replacement Coffee Pot at Walmart


Ninja Coffee Maker - CE250 - 12-Cup

ninja coffee maker walmartNinja makes fantastic coffee makers packed with plenty of features. We consider the Ninja CE250 as the runner-up for best coffee maker at Walmart behind the Cuisinart DCC-3200, but it really comes down to personal preference.



Black + Decker 12 Cup Thermal Coffee maker CM2035B

Black+Decker CM2035B walmartThe Black+Decker CM2035B is another small coffee maker that does what it claims to do. As previously mentioned, we’re stayed away from coffee makers without a warming plate. This doesn’t have a heating plate, but we liked the idea of a thermal carafe keeping the the coffee hot.

This biggest selling point here is the coffee taste. There are a few features that improve the quality of the coffee. One is the thermal carafe. This prevents the coffee having that burnt, late night diner, stale coffee taste.

The next is the way the coffee is brewed by evenly distributing the water over the bed of coffee grounds in the filter. This allows you to extract the coffee, without waste, and get a strong cup. These features make it one of the best coffee machine under $150.



The lid breaking was the biggest issue by consumers. Another common complaint was you should be mindful to close the carafe lid when it’s done brewing to keep it warm. Otherwise heat escapes. There isn’t an option for water filters.

There is a little tricky marketing language used in the article. It says 1-4 cups, but as much water as you add, it will brew that entire amount. Unfortunately, you cant add 4 cups of water and brew 1 cup of it. What you put in is what you get out.

If you make the maximum amount of coffee the water percolates for longer than necessary. This over extract the coffee from the grounds, which is going to leave you with a bitter cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Maker $100+

Ninja Coffee Maker - CFP201

ninja walmart k-cup podThe Ninja CFP201 coffee maker has enough features to keep everyone in your household satisfied.

The duel brew system allows users to brew a carafe or cup. There are a ton of features to dial in the coffee strength and cup size to suit everyone’s preference.



Keurig K-Duo Plus

keurig k-duo plus thermalThe Keurig K-Duo Plus has a few more features than standard K-Duo & K-Duo Essentials.

Extra features in K-Duo Plus:

  • Thermal carafe
  • Swivel water tank (helps fit under cabinets)
  • 6 oz single cup serving size
  • Brew strength control

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is worth the extra cost for the ability to reposition the water tank to 3 sides of the coffee maker. This versatility allows for it to stay under the counter and take up less space than the other side-by-side K-Duo coffee brewers. 



SCA Certified Coffee Makers at Walmart

The coffee machines below are certified by Specialty Coffee Association. These machines have met rigorous quality standards by coffee experts. There are only about 20 machines on the market that qualify for the SCA Golden Cup standards (read about their standards here)

Some of these models may not be available at your local store, but we did find some models at most of the Walmart stores we checked.

Both coffee makers listed in this price range are BPA-Free.

Ninja Coffee Maker CM401

ninja cm401If you know Ninja kitchen products, it’s probably through their Bullet Blender and not the coffee maker. This Ninja specialty coffee maker is the Swiss-Army Knife of specialty coffee machines. 

With 6 brew sizes, 4 different brew types, and a built in milk frother; this machine allows you to make iced lattes, macchiato, cappuccinos and many more coffee drinks very easily.

The main reason why it’s SCA Golden Cup certified is because of the even extraction method used. It allows the coffee grounds to bloom (let the coffee release CO2 before being fully saturated, which releases optimal flavor).

All this is done at a carefully consistent temperature for optimal results. The “smart” warming plate gradually reduces the temperature in order not to burn the coffee.

It’s dish water safe for easy cleanup and the water tank is removable. Which is great because you can store it under a cabinet and not have to continuously pull out the entire machine.



The feature the was missing was keeping the coffee pot hot for a long period of time. I feel this coffee maker is for those who spend a lot at Starbucks and want to save money without sacrificing quality or time.

If you love espresso then this is not the machine for you. Ninja states you get a coffee concentrate, but it’s not pressurized, which is necessary for espresso. That being said, you can use the coffee concentrate feature to get a good iced coffee that isn’t watered down or a cappuccino.


Braun 10-Cup MultiServe with Internal Water Spout

Braun MultiServe 10-Cup SCA Certified Coffee MakerAnother SCA Gold Certified coffee maker. As of this writing in spring 2020, this machine is new to Walmart.

There are the standard features such as auto shutoff, and removable water reservoir. What sets this machine apart from other lower priced machines is that you can select your cup size and temperature. Fill the water tank to the brim, but selct 1 cup and get 1 cup. Not many machines can do such a simple task.

SCA certified the machine because of the way coffee is allowed to bloom and kept at a consistent temperature throughout the percolating process. This should make coffee snobs rejoice.

In the model shown here there is an internal water spout that allows you to make tea without getting the 2 residual flavors mixed up.



There is a lot of features, which leaves a lot of room for mistakes. If you’re looking for a one-press-start simple coffee machine then this is not your machine. There is a lot of information online about it and work arounds to some flaws.

If you’re not tech savvy then we recommend you try something else. Also, if you love coffee, but not really a coffee snob in terms of understanding body, aroma, and acidity, etc. then this maybe overkill. 


The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is the best coffee maker at Walmart. However, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

For those looking for more features than the Ninja CFP201 is a great choice. If single-serve is more suitable for your lifestyle than the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker – Single Serve is great and has the added benefit of making iced coffee.

Of course, if you’re simply looking for the best + cheapest coffee maker at Walmart then the Mr. Coffee Switch fits the bill.

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